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❗️ Check out this article 📄 on antibiotic resistance 💊, with the participation of DelNAM’s project coordinator Nuno Azevedo. #DelNAM #AMR

It’s the first day of the 3rd DelNAM Workshop: “Drug Delivery meets Bacteria” . This workshop intends to bring people from different fields together , in order to discuss key aspects of this emergent field : from delivery vectors, bio-barriers and characterization assays to the future of the field.

Ready for #DelNAM’s W3? We are! Given COVID-19’s impact , several changes had to be made to our events. As the world recovers, our team is very proud to bring this workshop at its full potential, while assuring everyone’s safety and well-being .

Just 1 week to go for #DelNAM’s Workshop 3! We also expect to have some updates about other DelNAM events in the very near future. Stay tuned

LEPABE Talk 04 – NAM4Covid19

The latest LEPABE Talk (June 25th) had PhD student Ricardo Oliveira presenting the NAM4Covid19 initiative 💡. This project, which counts with the participation of the DelNAM team, proposes a solution which allows a faster detection of SARS-CoV-2 🕒, while also avoiding the need for specialized technicians 👨‍🔬 and equipment. #NAM4COVID19 #Research

DelNAM at Bionano-20

Project Manager Rita Santos will be a speaker 📢 and moderator in the upcoming virtual conference on Bionano Innovation, to be held on June 6th, 2020. Learn more about these sessions and register from anywhere in the world 🌍 via BioNano-20.

BEL Gathering (Videoconference) – 27 May 2020

The latest Biofilm 🦠 Engineering Lab (BEL) meeting happened last week on the 27th of May, via videoconference 📹. The group learned more about the latest evaluation of LEPABE and shared experiences and doubts regarding the ongoing return to the laboratories 👨‍🔬. #BEL #LEPABE  

NAM4COVID19 Videoconference

LEPABE , INIAV and INSA are collaborating to develop a “Nucleic acid mimic lateral flow assay (NAM-LFA) for the detection of SARS-CoV-2”. This project was approved in the FCT special call RESEARCH 4 COVID-19. Towards the development of this solution and while assuring everyone’s safety and well-being, we have met last week via videoconference, in order to define […]

NAM4Covid19 approved

The project NAM4Covid19: “Nucleic acid mimic lateral flow assay (NAM-LFA) for the detection of Covid19” was approved in the FCT special call RESEARCH 4 COVID-19. Coordinated by INIAV, this project counts with the collaboration of our team, led by Delnam’s project coordinator, Nuno Azevedo. The solution proposed in this project will allow a faster detection […]

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