Review Editor

DelNAM’s project manager Rita Santos is now a Review Editor on the Editorial Board of Molecular Diagnostics and Therapeutics . Find articles in this area and submit your manuscript here.

DDMIC Registration deadline

Registration deadline: September 10th Don’t miss your chance to learn more about Drug Delivery in Microbial Cells! Only 3 more days to complete your registration. Learn more at

DDMIC abstract submission

Abstract submission deadline: August 27th Don’t miss your chance to present your work at DDMiC! Only 3 more days to submit your abstract. Learn more at

CRS Trainee Award 2021

Rita Santos (DelNAM’s project manager) was awarded 🏆 with the CRS Nanomedicine and Nanoscale Delivery Focus Group Trainee Award 2021, as she presented her work about the delivery of nucleic acid…

DelNAM at CRS2021

DelNAM’S Project Manager Rita S. Santos and Project Researcher Mariana Gomes have shared their work in the 2021 CRS Virtual Annual Meeting , which took place online from July 25th to 29th, 2021. Rita…

New article in Pharmaceutics

Can fusogenic liposomes transport oligonucleotides and promote their internalization in bacteria 🧫? Learn more in one of the latest #DelNAM articles 📄👨‍🔬. Find it here. #research #articles

New article in Antibiotics

Vitamin B12 is one of the largest molecules known to be taken up by bacteria 🦠. But can it be used as a trojan-horse vector, helping oligonucleotide internalization? Check out the…

DelNAM at ECCMID2021

PhD student Luís Moreira has presented his work at the 31st ECCMID, which took place online this week (9 – 12 July 2021). His poster was entitled “Surface-functionalized liposomes to deliver…

Participation in the 1st OTP

PhD student Sara Pereira has presented her work at the 1st Symposium on Oligonucleotide Technologies and Therapeutics (OTP), which took place online this week (8-9th July 2021). Take a look at…